Meet the Sheep

We have exciting news! It’s lambing season! Here’s Carbon and her new baby ewe lamb, Photos coming soon of Annie with her new lamb Stardust, and Nellie with her lamb Burt!

Photo credit: Tabitha Calvert



Stormy 4-29-2018

Stormy is a 2016 Shetland / Cormo cross wether.  Stormy is my very first “my-own-lamb.” and was the first in the Goldieknots Montana flock.  His mom, Bette is a beautiful black Shetland and his dad, Mick is a very handsome white Cormo ram.

He was just shorn in April of 2017 and I can’t wait to process his soft black wool and show it off o everyone!

Little known fact about Stormy, he was the first little lamb to ride in my car… but definitely won’t be the last!

Stormy in the Car

Nellie Bly

Nellie Bly 6-1-2018

Nelle Bly is the second in the Goldieknots Montana flock and is a Romney Targhee cross.  She came to be with me because I’m a huge fan or her grandmother, Blackie, who I’ve purchased fleece from for the last three years.

She’s named after the author and world traveler, Nellie Bly because, as the second lamb to ride in my car, she handled it like an old pro.  I got in, she hopped in behind me (with a little help) and proceeded to lay her head in my lap for the 1 1/2 hour ride to the ranch.

Her fleece is amazing and soft!  Nellie is a first-time mom this year.  Her little lamb is Andy (see more about him below!) and he is such a character.  Look for Nellie’s roving available later this year!




This gorgeous girl belongs to a very close friend of mine.  This lovely ewe is so friendly and fun.  Every time I go out to the ranch, she finds me. (ok, ok, maybe it’s because I have treats – but she does find me – and when I’m out of treats, she still stays with me – that’s something, right?

I met Pinky at my second sheering ever.  I put my hands down to pet her, her little pink nose came up to mine, and she hung out with me before they sheered her.  I took her wool home that year, and have for the past three years.  The’s a cross of something with something, but I just love her soft white fluff!  So far, she’s been blended with some silver/gray Alpaca (which, by the way has made the most beautiful heathered yarn).  This year, her wool will become yarn that will be available at fiber festivals later this year.



Sadly, Oliver passed away earlier this year.  He will be sorely missed.  I still have a couple of fleeces left, but you have purchased an “Oliver Christmas Ornament,” please know you have one very limited edition pieces of him.

Oliver is the sheep that really got everything started for me.  I assisted his human in a sheering and spinning demonstration for some elementary school students. She was the sheerer and Oliver is her Romney wether. From the moment I arrived, I was enamored with Oliver.  I mean just look at that face!  As a thank you, his human brought me some of his wool that she sheered that day.  It was the most beautiful, crimpy, long-stapled natural fleece I had ever seen.  I was in love – with Oliver – and now his wool!  I decided, because it was a smaller batch of his wool, that I would hand-process it at home.  I picked it, washed it, carded it, and then spun and knit it.  I wish I could put into words how that experience changed how I felt about making things from scratch.  Not only is it this sense of accomplishment (and it was) it’s about history and how things had to be done before there was a “WalMart.”


Carbon came to the flock in 2017 and is a silver-gray Romney ewe.  She gave birth to twins this year, although one did not make it.  She’s being a very good mom and we’re looking forward to more lambs from her next year.  Her fleece, roving, and yarn will be available later this year!

Carbon & Annie 5-6-2018


2018 Newcomers!

Meet Andy & Annie, two lambs born this year.Andy

Andy 6-1-2018IMG_7676 - Andy


Andy is a cute little ram lamb born to Nellie Bly in April of 2018 and has been maturing nicely.  We’ve chosen to keep this beautiful boy as one of our breeding rams.  His fleece in 2019 looks beautiful and it’s currently being processed into roving and yarn.  While he’s mostly cream white, he does have some red on his legs and a few little speckles throughout his fleece!  We’ll share some photos of his processed fleece once we have it back in the studio!


Carbon & Annie 6-1-2018

Annie is a shy little black Romney ewe.  She was born in April to Carbon and we’re looking forward to seeing that long and lovely fleece next spring!


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