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You can find Goldieknots Montana creations here on the website where we ship world-wide, or at the following locations:

  • Rusty Relics, Lincoln, MT
  • Heritage House, Lincoln, MT
  • MT 406 Merc, Lincoln, MT
  • Bell’s Blossoms, Anaconda, MT
Left to right: Pinky, Carbon, Oliver

Needle-Felted Sheep Ornaments

Needle-felted sheep creating using my own sheep's wool. They come complete with hanger and name tag with the sheep's name they were created from. White = "Pinky" Oatmeal = "Oliver" Black = "Stormy" Brown = "Nellie Gray = "Carbon" and White with Black Face are a combination of "Stormy" and "Pinky" Please specify name or color when ordering. Price includes shipping.


Soap in a Sweater (A.K.A. Felted Soap)

Felted Soap is a wonderful treat that is good for you... and the environment! The wool continues to felt around the soap until the soap is all gone. You'll never need to use another cotton washcloth as the wool acts as it's own cloth and loofah. Your soap lasts longer too and wool is anti-microbial, meaning it will never mold, mildew, or smell like cotton washcloths often can. Once your soap is used, you can use the wool as an air-freshener (my favorite is to hang it in my car), or you can set it outside and the birds will pick it apart and use it in their nests. Soap comes in either Ivory Fresh Scent or Ivory Aloe Vera Scent. Please specify which scent you would like upon ordering. Price includes shipping.


Needle-Felted Sheep Lockets

Each locket is created using local Montana wool. The background is blended colors and the sheep have been carefully needle-felted and placed into a beautiful story locket. The lockets are then glued closed so your little sheep can't go wandering. Your locket come complete with black neckband or silver chain. Please specify your preference when ordering. Background colors vary, but if you have a specific color request, please specify when placing your order. Price includes shipping.


Wool Pendants

Each of these unique wool pendants have been created using local Montana grown wool that has been dyed and blended with silk, wool neps, and other fiber items to give them a one-of-a-kind look. Each pendant is reversible giving you twice the options to wear. Colors vary, so please specify colors you would like included in your very own pendant. They come complete on an 18" silver chain so you can begin wearing them immediately! Price includes shipping.


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