Week 2 – We’re on a Roll!

Week 2 – Lincoln Longwool



Week two is now under my belt… and I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by this breed.  It’s a lot longer and coarser that what I generally spin, but the whole idea of this 52-week adventure is to educate myself (and others) and expand my spinning horizons to breeds that I’ve never spun, and yes, even intimidate me… to break out of the norm and take a couple of chances and know that it may not be perfect.  For a perfectionist, that’s a hard pill to swallow – but I did it this week – and will do it with future breeds I’ll be spinning this year.

I found Lincoln to be a little fuzzy – almost hairlike – but relatively easy to spin.  It spun thin or thick and I decided to go with a thicker spin for a chunkier, more textured yarn.  I also found the roving soft to the touch and thought the yarn would be sort of soft, but it’s definitely not “next-to-the-skin” soft.  I’m not sure how or where I’ll use it, but I’ll find something to show it off!

If you’re following along, do you have any questions about Lincoln?  If you’re participating, what did you think?  Don’t forget to post pictures – all of us love to see your spinning!

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