Week 5 – Not Quite As I’d Planned

Week 5 – Angora Rabbit


Alright, so this week didn’t go quite as planned – but what things ever do, right?

I was given some lovely Angora rabbit fiber from a friend, who, by the way, is extremely allergic to bunnies.  Now, I’ve always known I was allergic, at least to an extent to bunnies, but I’ve been around them for years during my time working in animal shelters.  My nose would run and my eyes would get a little red and puffy, but I’ve always just sucked it up and moved along.  I mean they are pretty cute and cuddly, and swollen eyes and a runny nose are a small price to pay to hang out with these cool critters… until now, and attempting to spin Angora rabbit fiber.

Let me set the scene for you… quiet little fiber arts studio, comfy chair, cool music, spinning wheel oiled and ready to go… cue the fuzzy flying hair everywhere and me forgetting to wash my hands before touching my face or itching my eyes while spinning this incredibly soft fiber.  No, I won’t share a picture of this little hiccup – and I’m sure you’ve all got a pretty good visual.  Needless to say, I did not complete this past week’s challenge.  I even tried a second time thinking I’d just be really careful, because, darn it, I wanted to spin it and this is a challenge after all!  It went a little better than the first attempt, but not by much, and this time I required use of allergy medicine and an inhaler.  No, I didn’t take a three-strikes-and-you’re-out approach, I simply left it at strike two and decided to get a head-start on spinning the Romney fiber on the list for week six.


For those of you that did spin this incredible fiber, I’d like to live vicariously through you!  Please, please, please, tell me about your experience.  Did you like the fiber?  Wasn’t it just about the softest thing you’ve ever felt?  Did you have fun spinning it?  Details, I need details – and pictures too!!  Is this a fiber you were familiar with?  Is it a fiber you would likely spin with again?  Why – why not? Share your own experience below in the comments or on the 52 Weeks of Sheep 2017 Facebook page at:





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